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Ghosts Of Miracles
Foolish Records sells the charred and melted remnants of Icarus's wings because we believe the best art is not always the most distilled.  Beauty can be traced down crooked lines of sound into the heart of perfect golden moments, just as the road to heaven is intuited not to be a paved superhighway, but a rough country trail, rife with donkey turds and with weeds bursting from between uneven cobblestones.  It is a love of "the song" tempered by an equal love of "the moment".  Recorded art is a portal, and so here we show you the doors to some subtle and less-visited realms of the time we all have shared.  Remember that donkey turd is made of berries, apples, and clover.  Here are some ghosts of miracles.

What follows is the Foolish Records Catalogue.  Download the music and art for FREE from the corresponding artists' page on this site.  If you would like to pay for the material, each of the items below (F001, F002, F003) are priced at $5.00 Canadian plus appropriate stamps or money to mail back a CD-sized envelope.  That includes the songs and cover art.  Send the equvalent of $5.00 Canadian in whatever currency you wish, but cash only please.
Please specify which CD you are sending money for by indicating the catalogue number (ie: F001,F002 or F003 etc.) and the title of the release.
Send to:
Foolish Records
c/o Jesse J. Powell
2506 16a Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2T 4K5

Pine Tarts

Download it now from FREE

Ian Watson

Click to hear "Howl"

Click to hear "Inspector Willie"

Download the complete "Howl" single and cover art from the IAN WATSON page on this site! FREE

Golden Delicious

Click to hear "Costa Vista"

Click to hear "The Finest One"

Download the complete "Costa Vista" single and glorious cover art from the GOLDEN DELICIOUS page on this site! FREE

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